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Thank you for visiting the ELM Driving Academy Website!

Welcome to ELM Driving Academy, we are a school which has a commitment and passion for driving instruction, and this puts YOU quickly into the driving seat.

Experience has taught us, everyone is an individual and has different needs when it comes to learning to drive. Some people are confident some are very nervous, so with this in mind, we aim to tailor a Driver training package to suit YOUR needs.

We have 5 instructors 2 female 3 male all keen to help you learn to become competent and safe drivers. All lessons are given in modern dual controlled cars, with Air conditioning, using modern pictorial guides.

Our commitment to training you to a very high standard, will make the driving test quite a routine experience, in fact you will not be taught to test standard we will take you far beyond that.

Our driving lessons are structured in 1hr 1.5hr and 2 hr sessions, with the option of semi-intensive and full intensive courses available to you.

All of our pupils are given a welcome pack which consists of, Progress cards, recap sheets for home study and practice, and leaflets to help you with your theory and practical tests.

Pupils often ask: “how long will it take me to pass my test”, my answer is simple, “we will teach you as quick as you can learn”. If you are prepared to work hard with our instructors, you will find that you will not only get through the syllabus quickly, but you will also have a very good understanding of road procedures and a good knowledge of how to deal with anything that is thrown at you on test.

Private Practice

Private practice is invaluable to a pupils learning if it is conducted in the correct manner, of that there is no doubt. Driving is a skill, and like any skill the more you practice the better you get. Here at Elm we actively encourage parents and partners to participate in the end of lesson de-brief, we are also happy for you to come on a lesson with us and see how we teach you loved ones to drive. This will then enable you to carry on the same routines in the car with your child or partner. By using our recap sheets you will find that you can be a great help to them in the car and really share in their learning experience.


ELM Instructor Cars

Driving Instructors Association

Instructor Training

We offer Instructor Training for those who wish to become driving instructors. If you are thinking about taking up a career in driving instruction then please don’t hesitate to call us for free impartial advice. Our Grade 6 Trainer. has 22 years experience in driver training and instruction, he has an enviable reputation for helping people with their part 1, 2 and 3 tests. So whether you are about to start training or have failed a part 2 or 3 test, why not give us a call and get the expert advice you need to get you on track for a new career. You can train on a pay as you go basis or block booking payment the choice is yours.

All of our training sessions are conducted on a 1 – 1 basis, so you get a full hours training rather than having to sit in the back waiting for your turn.

If you are nervous about attending your part 2 or 3 tests we will be happy to accompany you for a little morale support. Our cars will be available for you to use on the part 2 and 3 tests.

We look forward to hearing from you soon. Evan.


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